Nikol Novkova

Wedding planner and event designer

I have been passionate about arts and I have been painting since I was 14 years old. My second major in high school was “Computer graphics and design” then I finished my Master’s degree in … In 2012 I became a certified wedding agent. My profession as a wedding planner and designer, is a combination and natural improvement of my skills and acquired knowledge in the commercial field.

My approach to creating a concept for the wedding décor is strictly individual, I aspire towards uniqueness and identity, recognition of my own style and designer flair. I use various methods and techniques in order to combine different materials and fabrics in different colors. My latest creative challenge is to use fabrics with heterogeneous texture. The overall look of the events is complemented with a special design of floral arrangements and carefully picked complementing elements of décor.

Usually the future bride and groom trust Art Deco Weddings with the organization of the whole organization of the wedding, which includes every stage of the wedding plan – from choosing the venue to the complete finished look of every square inch of the interior or exterior of the chosen location.

We aspire are striving to bring to the newlyweds to be a unique emotional event which will remain in their minds and touch their hearts.